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  Robert Bowsher - Candidate for Penn State Board of Trustees

"When people are determined, they can overcome anything."

  Nelson Mandela

Why Choose Robert Bowsher?

If the people of South Africa can overcome Apartheid, then we can certainly prevail over the trials and tribulations that have befallen upon our great university. Together, we can do what Coach Joe Paterno did for over 60 years. We can make Penn State a better place.

Team players will be essential in this effort. Throughout my life, I have been a team player on all levels for many successful groups. From worker bee to middle manager to team leader, I have contributed all of my talents and skills to making team after team stronger, and that’s exactly what I’ll do as a trustee.

I’m not a one-trick pony. I’m an ethical accountant who reins in wasteful spending. I’m a compassionate writer who leads an open and transparent life. I’m a wise-hearted person who will put our university’s best interests ahead of my own. And I’m just like so many of you: a diehard Penn Stater who wants to help our alma mater reach the end of this terrible storm.

Some people are big talkers. I’m a big 6’6” listener. Instead of one big mouth, I have two big ears I lend to people all the time. Elect me and I’ll make sure those ears are always available to you and anyone else who wants to join our efforts.

I also pledge to do as a trustee what I’ve done throughout my adulthood: spend money wisely. I’ve been an authorized check signer for three entities because people trust me with their money.

You can also count on me to protect Penn State’s good name. I won’t stand idly by when people are attacking our university’s integrity and reputation. Like so many of us did, students and young alumni have spent a lot of money and worked countless hours in pursuit of their Penn State degrees. We must be vigilant in protecting our university’s good name so they can benefit from their educations just like we did.

Elect me so I can join the other alumni trustees in their team efforts to reform the Board of Trustees. I stand tall and ready to serve you as well as our beloved alma mater.

We Penn Staters are a determined group, and just like the people of South Africa, WE ARE on the right side of history.

Please support Robert Bowsher by Voting for him in the upcoming election.

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Robert Bowsher PSU Candidate for Board of Trustees

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