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  Robert Bowsher - Candidate for Penn State Board of Trustees

"Openness and transparency are more than concepts; they're commitments. And for me, they're a way-of-life."Robert Bowsher  

  Robert J. Bowsher
Penn State Board of Trustee Candidate

Robert Bowsher, Candidate for the Penn State Board of Trustees

vote number 25Prior to November 2011, our alma mater was enjoying a lot of success.  The Wall Street Journal had ranked Penn State #1 for graduates best suited for the world of work, industry-sponsored research dollars continued to pour into the University, and a thrilling 10-7 victory over Illinois earned Coach Joe Paterno his record-breaking 409th victory.  As President Graham Spanier gave Coach Paterno a beautiful plaque honoring him as the Winningest Coach and an Educator of Men, all seemed happy in Happy Valley.

Then the storm hit.

Life hasn’t been the same since for all of us in the Penn State community.  The storm hasn’t moved on, and we can’t move on until it does.

Starting with their unanimous decision to fire Coach Paterno over the telephone, the trustees’ attempts to quell this storm have failed.  Penn State’s good name has been pounded mercilessly in the process.

It’s time for new leaders who can bring Penn State to the end of the storm.

I’m running to join the other alumni trustees in their team efforts to reform a Board of Trustees in desperate need of openness and transparency.  Turning the board into a model of open governance will give Penn State the leadership it needs to emerge from this storm a stronger institution.

My campaign’s symbol is the rainbow.  In addition to representing my open and transparent life, the rainbow is a meteorological phenomenon that occurs at the end of a storm: the more intense the storm, the brighter the rainbow.  By electing open and transparent people like me, we alumni can help Penn State reach the bright future we all want for our beloved alma mater.

This website will tell you more about my open and transparent life and about my other qualifications.  For the outstanding job he did on this website, I commend Todd Alexander who designed 2013 election winner Barbara Doran’s website and trustee Ryan McCombie’s 2012 website.

Please support Robert Bowsher by Voting for him in the upcoming election.


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Robert Bowsher PSU Candidate for Board of Trustees

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